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Nohau UK Promotions and BundlesCurrent Nohau UK Product Promotions

Cutting time and costs. Our discounted bundles are specifically targetted at getting your project up to speed as quickly as possible with all the components you need.

For details of any of these promotions, please do not hesitate to contact us...

Free Hardware!!!

This is our latest idea to help out with project startups and evaluations.

Several of our suppliers, such as KEIL, offer their own hardware to help with getting started.

What we have decided to do at Nohau UK is to offer a mix-and-match of hardware and software. It doesn't matter which Software or Tool product you order from us, you can choose any hardware development board to go with it - for Free! That's right, the hardware is free with any Tool or software product. If you buy three tools then you get three free Hardware Dev boards.

No catches and no strings. The only thing we will say is that the hardware must be compatible with the Tool or Software (e.g. any ARM Dev board with any ARM Compiler or any PowerPC board with a PowerPC RTOS)

For details and to register for this offer, click here >>>

KEIL MDK-ARM bundle including development board and ULINK2 USB to JTAG connection

This bundle includes free KEIL development board and ULINK2 USB to JTAG connnection. Everything you need to get your development off the ground with a one-off low bundle price. This bundle includes the RL-ARM binaries for RTOS.

SPECIAL: In addition to our standard bundle, we have limited availability of LPC2368 and LPC2378 bundles with further discount.

Quadros RTXC bundle

This bundle includes the visualRTXC graphical design tools with full code generation, the RTXC Real-Time Operating System and the RTXC USB Host stack.

IXXAT CAN analysis bundle

This bundle includes the CANcorder remote protocol trace tool, the canAnalyser protocol analysis tool for PC plus a USB to CAN compact. The bundle is offered with a significant discount from the list price of these products sold seperately. This bundle provides the user with complete trace, view and control of a CANbus development project.