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First Portable AFDX

First Portable AFDX is the first completely genuine software implementation of AFDX used in civil and military aerospace programs. The hardware independence of First Portable AFDX makes it flexible, adaptable, scalable and affordable.

ARINC-664 (AFDX) >>>

"Avionic Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet" (AFDX/ARINC664) is a deterministic aircraft data network bus system for public avionic transportation, railway and military systems. The network is based on standard IEEE802.3 Ethernet technology.   Read more >>>

Software vs. Hardware Solution >>>

An AFDX stack can be implemented in hardware or in software. When software is an option, and the budget is tight, the advantages of the software solution will far outweigh the hardware based solution.   Read more >>>

Technical Details >>>

Besides portability, built-in BITE and MIB and available DO178B certification artifacts, a minimized workload for a subsystem communicating through AFDX is another major advantage of the First Portable AFDX solution.   Read more >>>