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ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux

Linux is being considered as a valid option by a growing number of embedded application engineers, especially since the advent of kernel version 2.6 with its incorporation of real-time extensions. Its flexibility and broad range of functionality, APIs and drivers contribute to this success. However, many traps and difficulties lurk for newcomers, non-experts, or users who have no time to sort out the proliferation of new components. ELinOS is the embedded Linux environment that solves this problem, offering customers the most up to date usable technology.

Managing versatile Embedded Linux >>>

Creating an Embedded Linux based system is like a puzzle. Putting the right pieces together will create the final image. This requires a deep knowledge of Linux' versatility and takes time for the selection of components, development of Board Support Packages and drivers, and testing of the whole system – and not only for newcomers. With ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux, SYSGO offers an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience which allows you to concentrate your full attention on the development of your target applications. ELinOS incorporates the appropriate tools to help you build the system and boost your project success, including a graphical configuration front-end with built-in integrity validation.   Read more >>>

Application Development >>>

Developing embedded applications requires different support from the development environment than developing standard applications. Remote debugging, target memory utilization analysis, and timing behavior are features that an embedded developer almost always needs in addition to standard application development. With CODEO, SYSGO offers a complete Eclipse-based development environment for embedded application development.   Read more >>>

Professional Services and Support >>>

Providing outstanding peer-to-peer support along with a broad range of professional services has been the historical foundation of the success of ELinOS. With ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux, we extend this level of support to serve your needs more precisely. SYSGO strengthens its online support and training capabilities to accommodate the ongoing globalization of project teams.   Read more >>>