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SIGNUM Systems JTAG and In-Circuit Emulators

Signum Systems has been a leading supplier of Software and Hardware Development tools for the Embedded Market since 1979.

The majority of the Signum Systems' products can be purchased directly from the Nohau Web Shop by clicking here - Nohau UK web shop

Today the Signum portfolio includes the following (The links are to the Signum website)

OMAP, DaVinci   TI OMAP & DaVinci (DSP + ARM) Processors
ARM, Cortex   ARM, Cortex and XScale processors
TMS320 DSP   TI DSPs (TMS320) and MCUs (TMS470, TMS570)

Infineon C166S, C166S V2 and XC16x Devices

TriCore Infineon TriCore RISC MCU-DSP
In-Circuit Emulators
8051   8051 derivatives from Atmel, NXP (Philips), Dallas, Infineon, Intel, Teridian and others

Intel & AMD 80186 and 80188 devices

80196 Intel 80196 family

Texas Instruments TMS320C25 DSP

320C1x Texas Instruments TMS320C1x DSP

Zilog Z8 MCU

Smart Card Test Tools
Smart Card   Smart Card emulators, analyzers & verification tools from Raisonance
Evaluation Boards

EVM board for NXP (Philips) LPC2138 ARM processors


EVM board Document in PDF formatfor Texas Instruments TMS320F240 DSP


Universal EVM Board for a variety of ST Micro ARM7 microcontrollers

Source Code Debuggers

Multiple-core debugging environment for ARM, Tricore, 80186, Z8 and CompactRISC microprocessors. Compatible with Tasking, Green Hills, ARM, National Semiconductor, GNU, Hitec, Microsoft, Borland, and Byte Craft compilers.


High quality 8051 debugging environment, uniform across the entire spectrum of supported targets. Works with in-circuit emulators, simulators, evaluation boards, and RISM-compatible embedded monitors.

Third-Party Compilers

Signum Systems products are compatible with most of the major brand compilers, giving you the freedom of using your favorite ARM Ltd., Borland, Byte Craft, Diab Data, GNU, Green Hills Software, IAR Systems, Intel, Keil, Microsoft, Raisonance , TASKING, Texas Instruments, Zilog or another development package. Yes, you can have us ship one to you bundled with your purchase.