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RTXC Quark Small-Footprint Networking Software
Designing with Limited Memory Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

The new generation of low-cost 32-bit processors comes with a price—less on-chip memory (and often no external bus). RTXC Quark networking software has been designed to operate not just comfortably, but screaming fast in a minimal RAM/ROM footprint. In fact, the combination of RTXC Quark, in a fully featured TCP/IP implementation needs less than 20 KB of ROM. Planning a UDP-only application? The combined ROM footprint is less than 12 KB.

And while RAM requirements vary by application this package has extremely low RAM requirements because of its innovative design.

Radically Different Stack Architecture Pays Big Dividends

Forget everything you thought you knew about embedded networking because RTXC Quark networking software is changing all of the rules. This micro-stack architecture is the result of a breakthrough in stack design.

Quadros Systems took an entirely different path to engineering an embedded networking stack, creating a highly efficient, data-centric design. The low-overhead processing model and innovative structure provide the dual benefit of compact size and lightning-fast packet handling. This is no stripped-down skeleton code but truly small-footprint software with no compromises.

Key Features

Designed for Resource-Constrained Systems. RTXC Quark networking software was developed specifically for 32-bit embedded systems with minimal memory and processor resources.

Rapid Packet Processing. RTXC Quark networking software brings high-speed processing to embedded systems — many times faster packet processing than other small-footprint stacks.

Highly Efficient RAM Management. The RTXC Quark networking software is very RAM-friendly. Generally each socket will require less than 6 KB of RAM. Zero copy buffers reduce memory requirements and increase processing speed and system efficiency. And the integration with the RTXC/ss RTOS means you only need to allocate a single memory stack instead of one for each task. Plus, high speed packet processing means fewer buffers may be required.

Tiny ROM Footprint. A full implementation of RTXC Quark networking software requires less than 20 KB of ROM. Depending on configuration choices the code can be even smaller.

Fully Configurable. You can easily tune RTXC Quark software to meet your specific requirements. The stack is highly configurable, both at the compilation and linking phase as well as during system initialization.

Tightly Integrated with the RTXC Quadros RTOS. RTXC Quark software is fully integrated with the RTXC Quadros operating system and takes full advantage of the high-efficiency threads in the RTXC/ss kernel.

Industry-Standard API; RFC-Compliant. The stack supports a standard Berkeley sockets interface. And with RTXC Quark you have the confidence of 100% RFC compliance.

Supported Protocols

Full 10/100 Ethernet implementation with support for

  • IPv4
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • DHCP client
  • ICMP
  • ARP
  • IGMP