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C Cross Compiler Overview

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Microchip's extensive range of low-power PIC microcontrollers has a powerful ANSI C compiler to maximise your productivity.
HI-TECH PICC is a high-performance C compiler for the Microchip PICmicro(R) 10/12/14/16/17 series of microcontrollers. HI-TECH PICC is an industrial-strength ANSI C compiler - not a subset implementation like some other PIC compilers. The PICC compiler implements full ISO/ANSI C, with the exception of recursion. All data types are supported including 24 and 32 bit IEEE standard floating point. HI-TECH PICC makes full use of specific PIC features and using an inteligent optimiser, can generates high-quality code easily rivalling hand-written assembler. Automatic handling of page and bank selection frees the programmer from the trivial details of assembler code.

Features of the compiler include:

  • ANSI C - full featured and portable
  • Reliable - mature, field-proven technology
  • Multiple C optimisation levels
  • An optimising assembler
  • Full linker, with overlaying of local variables to minimise RAM usage
  • Comprehensive C library with all source code provided
  • Includes support for 24-bit and 32-bit IEEE floating point and 32-bit long data types
  • Mixed C and assembler programming
  • Unlimited number of source files
  • Listings showing generated assembler
  • Compatible - integrates into the MPLAB IDE, MPLAB ICD and most 3rd-party development tools
  • Runs on multiple platforms: Windows 2000/XP, Linux, UNIX

Embedded Development Environment
PICC can be run entirely from the HI-TECH Integrated Development Environment (HI-TIDE 3). This environment allows you to manage all of your PIC projects. You can compile, assemble and link your embedded application with a single step.

Optionally, the compiler may be run directly from the command line, allowing you to compile, assemble and link using one command. This enables the compiler to be integrated into third party development environments, such as Microchip's MPLAB IDE.

Processors Supported
The PICC compiler supports all of the Microchip PIC10xx, PIC12xx, PIC14000, PIC16xx and PIC17xx series microcontroller. A full list can be found here >>>

Package Details
The compiler is supplied on CD-ROM, with a quick start installation guide and the main manual on the CD-ROM in PDF (Acrobat) and HTML formats. If you require a printed manual, it can be ordered at the same time as the compiler.

The HI-TECH Professional Development environment (HPD) is not available under UNIX.