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Microchip PIC C Cross Compilers Overview

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HI-TECH Software's range of C language embedded software development systems offer real benefits over traditional assembly language programming. By using the ANSI/ISO standard compilers not only can development of complex embedded systems be completed in a fraction of the time, but reliability is improved, and maintenance is easy. On top of this you get access to facilities like floating point arithmetic that are just not available in assembler or subset C compilers, allowing you to add features to your product that previously were considered "too hard''.

Omniscient Code Generation

Omniscient Code Generation takes advantage of the capabilities of today’s host systems to achieve fully optimized object code that takes into account all the variables, functions, stacks and registers represented in all program modules.

Rather than relying completely on the linker to uncover errors in independently compiled modules, a compiler with Omniscient Code Generation completes the initial stages of compilation for each module separately, but defers object code generation until the point at which a view of the whole program is available.

It uses a global view of the compiled program, along with various other optimization techniques made possible by the complete information that is then available to the code generator.

A complete package

HI-TECH C is not just a C compiler; it is a complete development system for C and assembler code. It integrates a powerful C compiler, producing code to rival hand-written assembler, a full-featured macro assembler for those occasions when you absolutely must program one instruction at a time, a remote debugger for running and debugging your code in your own hardware, without the expense of an in-circuit emulator, all tied together with a fast, flexible programming environment that lets you produce working code in less time than ever.

Full ANSI/ISO Standard Embedded C Compiler

All HI-TECH embedded C compilers implement the full Standard C language. You can write C code with any standard ANSI C compiler, test it under MSDOS or Unix, then recompile it for your embedded application. You can use structures, pointers, longs and floats without having to worry about whether the cross compiler implements them or not. A full library provides printf and other console I/O functions, for easy insertion of debugging or testing code. Need a sine or log function? They're in the library, and guaranteed accurate.

Assembler-free Programming!

Where necessary, HI-TECH have added features to the language to allow you to write complete embedded applications without a single line of assembler code. I/O ports are directly addressable as C variables, even on processors with a separate I/O address space. Interrupts can be serviced directly in C with all register saving and restoring taken care of by the compiler.

Full Library Source Code

The tools come with the full source code to all library routines and run-time startup modules. This enables you to customise the run-time environment for a particular hardware system, if you need to do so. There is no restriction on use of executable library code in your applications - no royalties, no limitations.

Beat Firmware Bloat!

HI-TECH C uses advanced optimisation techniques to write the smallest, fastest assembler code possible from your C program. You'll be amazed at its cleverness - in fact it sometimes out-codes experienced assembler programmers!

The HI-TECH Software Compiler Package

All of HI-TECH Software's compilers come with one free version upgrade and ninety days technical support. The support period commences from your first support contact with the HI-TECH support staff.

HI-TECH Priority Access - Extended Support Option

HI-TECH Priority Access gives customers 12 months' priority technical support and web access to updates for their nominated compiler during that 12 month period. For pricing details please
contact sales@nohau.co.uk


HI-TECH Integrated Development Environment

HI-TIDE™ is a multi-platform development environment that provides tools for all aspects of embedded software development integrated into the one application. HI-TIDE is designed to seamlessly integrate with HI-TECH CŪ compilers and provide all the features needed to get your solution up and running as soon as possible. With a variety of simulators, debug interfaces and wizards available, you'll be surprised how easy development can be.

There are currently three generations of HI-TIDE that cater for the HI-TECH compiler range. Listed below are the HI-TIDE versions and the particular HI-TECH compilers they are compatible with:

  • HI-TIDE™ 1 - The original.
  • HI-TIDE™ 2 - The improved. Supports the HI-TECH for MSP430, ARMŪ and 8051 Compilers
  • HI-TIDE™ 3 - The latest and greatest, built on Eclipse™. Supports the HI-TECH PICC™/ PICC-18™/ PICC-18™ PRO / HI-TECH for dsPIC™/PIC24 Compilers

To assist customers with the migration path for porting HI-TIDE™ 1 (v1.2) projects to HI-TIDE™ 3 (v3.00) projects, HI-TECH Software has developed a quick migration guide >>>