HCC-Embedded Storage Solutions
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HCC-Embedded Storage Solutions

HCC-Embedded specialises in providing solutions for embedded systems and in particular for embedded storage solutions.

HCC offers a range of software products which are all designed and tested to the highest standards for excellent performance and portability.

They also provide design and development services for both hardware and software - from concept through to low volume production.

HCC's team of experienced development engineers are always available and take pride in assisting customers achieve real results - getting reliable products to market cost-effectively.

Embedded Storage Solutions

  • Failsafe File Systems
    • SAFE High performance file system designed and tested to handle unexpected resets cleanly. For all NOR, NAND and serial flash types >>>
    • TINY Fail-safe Flash File system designed for Microcontrollers with minimal resources >>>
  • FAT Compatible File Systems
    • FAT Fully featured FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file system. Drivers available for many media types and targets >>>
    • THIN Smallest footprint, highly scalable FAT Compatible file system for micros with limited available resources >>>
  • Flash Translation Layers
    • FTL Reliable and efficient interface to all types of NAND flash. Complete wear-levelling, bad-block handling and error correction >>>
    • DFML Reliable and efficient management layer for all types of Atmel DataFlash >>>