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Frontline Test Equipment
Bluetooth ZigBee USB Scada

Frontline Test Equipment

PC Based Protocol Analysers

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Over Two Decades of Tech-Com Problem Solving

Frontline is the world's leading provider of PC-based protocol analyzers for special-purpose data communication networks. FTE pioneered portable and versatile trouble-shooting software solutions for serial and Ethernet network topologies and communication protocols. Based on this firmly established expertise, beginning in 2000 they expanded into the wireless developer industry by building powerful test tools for Bluetooth and ZigBee technologies.

Frontline is firmly established as the industry leader in Bluetooth technology protocol analysis.

Designed by Engineers for Engineers

The growing family of Frontline Test System (FTS) general-purpose and industry-specific protocol analyzers is based upon a common protocol-decoding engine. FTS products provide a common user interface, offer protocol decoding at the bit level, and enable the rapid development of custom decodes for proprietary protocols and extensions to existing protocol decoders. FTS products enable shorter and less costly development intervals for communication network equipment and applications, faster and more efficient network installations, and improved mean-time-to-repair following equipment and network outages.

Trusted Worldwide in the Field and in the Lab

40,000 Units Strong FTS products are trusted worldwide by field service personnel, system installers and maintainers, network operators, and application developers. Whether your application is a factory or field-based industrial control network, or lab-based high-tech equipment development, Frontline’s protocol analyzer tools will help you isolate, identify, and fix com problems with precision and accuracy. For industrial networks this means reduced down time and increased production. For developers it means shorter debug, test, and verify cycles allowing products to get to market-FAST!

Software and Hardware Engineering Tools:

USB FTS4USB™ Real-time USB protocol analyzer with USB ComProbe hardware to sniff data from multiple points of observation.
Bluetooth Robustness Codenomicon™ Robustness Tester for Bluetooth Technology Verifies the capability of Bluetooth implementations to withstand invalid and malformatted wireless traffic to improve product stability and security.

 Industrial Strength Network Sniffing:

SCADA & Industrial Control NetDecoder Protocol/data analyzers with decoders (i.e. Modbus, EtherNet/IP, DF1, DNP3) which make it easy to interpret SCADA and industrial control communications data. Supports serial (RS-232/422/485), Ethernet, and industrial buses (i.e. DH+, DeviceNet).

 Serial and Ethernet Communications Tools:

Async Serialtest® general-purpose async data analyzer with Modbus RTU & ASCII decodes for troubleshooting RS-232/422/485/449/530, V.35 and other interfaces.
Sync Serialtest® ComProbe® general-purpose sync and async data analyzer for troubleshooting RS-232/422/485/449/530, V.35 and other interfaces.
Ethernet Ethertest® general-purpose protocol/network analyzer for troubleshooting Ethernet Local Area Networks (LANs).