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Frontline Test Equipment - FTS4USB

FTS4USB USB Protocol Analyzer

Frontline Test Equipment FTS4USB
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"Live" Means Quick Debugging & VerificationFTS4USB USB Protocol Analyzer

FTS4USB that comes with a portable USB ComProbe® II hardware and powerful live display, simplifies understanding of what is happening on a USB circuit by simultaneously capturing, decoding, displaying, filtering, and detecting errors-all live and in real-time. Other USB analyzers don't work this way. Take, for example, debugging a USB mouse. With FTS4USB you'll see the USB packets displayed live, and in real-time, as you move the mouse. With other analyzers you need to capture the data, and then review what was captured. FTS4USB reduces debug time by eliminating a step.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Reduces debug time. Simultaneous live capture, decode, display, filtering, and detection of protocol errors.
  • Portable. Small and weighs less than 7 ounces (196 grams).
  • Affordable. Everyone can have their own unit. All software and hardware included for one low price.
  • Detailed decodes help simplify understanding complex protocols.
  • Robust filtering with tabbed viewing reduces information overload.
  • Extensive decoders support a wide variety of applications. Click on the Protocols and Classes tab above for a complete list.
  • Built-in support for the DecoderScript™ language enables quick creation of custom decodes.
  • Synchronize with other instruments using hardware triggers.
  • Records external events to help isolate problems.


Product DetailsUSB Sniffs data

FTS4USB captures traffic between a PC and a USB device using the USB ComProbe II hardware, and transmits the data to the analyzer PC via a USB port.

FTS4USB can also analyze internal USB circuits by monitoring the data passing between the USB driver and the device driver inside the PC. The internal version is called Spy Mode and doesn't require any additional hardware.

Both hardware and software come together for one low price.

More Features and Benefits

  • Non-intrusive monitoring and automatic speed detection of all three USB 2.0 speeds.
  • Simultaneous live capture, decode, display, filtering, and detection of protocol errors.
  • Hardware filters suppress packets, such as SOF, NAK, and dataless transactions.
  • 4 Digital Input/Output lines for synchronization.
  • Display all bus activities, including suspend/resume/reset and high speed negotiation events.
  • Show OTG HNP, SRP data-line and VBus pulses.
  • Easily identify IN/OUT transactions using color-coding.FTS4USB Frame Display
  • Extensive decoding of standard and class-specific descriptors and requests.
  • Sniff data two ways. Externally or using Spy Mode.
  • Single-click export.
  • Use with products with embedded devices.
  • Packets with protocol violation are flagged in red.
  • Capture unlimited data (amount of data capture is only limited by disk space).
  • Session notes and annotated bookmark allow for quick identification of questionable packets.
  • Free viewer. Share FTS4USB capture files with development partners and customers.
  • Portable and affordable.

The Frame Display

The Frame display includes the Summary Pane, The Decode Pane and the Logical Data Pane.

As each time-stamped data frame is selected in the summary pane, the Decode Pane and Logical Data pane are updated with the Decoded and Raw data respectively

Delivered Contents

  • CD Case containing FTS4USB application software CD-ROM and Quick Start Guide.
  • USB ComProbe II Hardware.
  • Certified USB 2.0 cable for analysis computer (white).
  • Certified USB 2.0 cable for link under test (white).
  • Digital Input and Output cable.

System Requirements

  • 1 GHz Pentium PC or equivalent.
  • Windows XP.
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • 50 MB of free disk space.
  • USB 2.0 port (for the USB ComProbe).


What's New with FTS4USB...

  • Frontline’s USB Protocol Analyzer has new portable hardware that weighs less than 7 ounces (196 grams).
  • More filters to suppress packets such as SOF, NAK, and other data-less transactions. These filters will enable the analyzer to discard some common packet groups to reduce the amount of capture data received.
  • New hardware triggers to synchronize with other instruments. Hardware triggers provide a means for users to output certainevents to other devices, such as oscilloscopes.
  • Ability to record external events to help isolate problems. Digital inputs provide a means for users to insert events into the data stream. There are four digital inputs that can be enabled individually.
  • Improved support for PRE and SPLIT transactions. The special PID PRE is used by the host to communicate with a low-speed device through a full-speed hub. Similarly, the special PID SPLIT is used by the host to communicate with a low-speed or full-speed device through a high-speed hub.
  • Ability to view bus activities, such as Suspend/Resume/Reset and OTG events HNP, SRP data-line and SRP VBus pulses.
  • Support for Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and Bluetooth HCI.
  • Decodes class-specific requests and descriptors for Video, PHDC, and MTP. For complete list of supported protocols and classes, please select the tab above.
Bluetooth HCI
MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)
Async PPP and up, including IP, VJU and VJC
HID Mouse
HID Keyboard
Mass Storage Bulk Only
MDP (Medical Device Profile)
PHDC (Personal Health Device Class)
PIMA 15740
SCSI Primary Commands-2
USB Token, Data, Handshake and Split messages
USB Setup messages (shown in separate tab to make it easy to analyze)
Standard HUB Wireless
Audio Mass Storage PHDC
CDC Image Chip/Smart Card
Printer HID Test & Measurement
Video Diagnostic Content-Security
IRDA Bridge Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU)