BPA500 Bluetooth and BLE Analyser
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BPA 500

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BPA™ 500 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyser

Dual Mode

The Frontline BPA 500 Bluetooth protocol analyzer lets you to see and analyze "Classic" and low energy Bluetooth v4.0 in a single coexistence view.

It is the first of our new line of protocol analyzers using the powerful ProbeSyncTM technology that will in the future enable the BPA 500 to connect to addtional BPA analyzers including high speed 802.11 (v3.0 +HS) while sharing a common clock. And all of this in a box the size of your hand!

Does it ALL!

Out of the box the BPA 500 Bluetooth protocol analyzer can sniff Dual Mode Bluetooth Specification v4.0 which includes both:

  • "Classic" and
  • low energy

In the future the BPA 500 Bluetooth protocol analyzer will be able to detect every Bluetooth specification, protocol, and profile with future add ons. And you see these communication streams together in the same intuitive displays, simplifying and accelerating the debugging process.


  • "Dual Mode" - Supports "Classic" and low energy Bluetooth v4.0
  • Live debugging: BPA 500 captures, decodes, filters and displays data, and detects protocol errors simultaneously, all live.
  • Includes all existing Bluetooth profiles.
  • Detailed protocol/profile decodes simplify debugging and help get products to market faster, pinpoint interoperability issues.