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Adapters from Emulation Technology, Inc. and Adapters.com

adaptors and sockets for processors and chips

Emulation Technology, Inc. (ET)
ET specialises in a wide range of products and services for today's electronic development lab engineer. Their 22 years of expertise helping engineers create quality products, reduce costs associated with design, development, and time to market have made them the leader in this industry.

ET offers a range of products including BGA socket systems, QFN/MLF test sockets, MICTOR test accessories, spring-probe test clips, programming adapters, prototyping adapters, ASIC and FPGA development systems, wireless products, high speed board to board interconnects as well as soldering iron systems and other lab and rework accessories.

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ET carries several thousand sockets to meet your unique applications. True one-stop shopping with our 7 different socketing systems: Screw Lock, Knob Lock, Z-Lock, Quick Lock, Test & Burn-in, Test Socket, High Speed / High Performance.
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Prototyping board adapters for provide users with flexible options and are available in BGA/CSP, QFN/MLF, SOIC, QFP, PLCC, TSOP, TSOPII package styles, and a variety of pad spacing and lead pitches. Fully assembled & tested prototyping adapters are available in all socket styles.
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ET's Adapt-A-Socket programming adapters make programming PLDs, PALs, EPROMs, EEPROMs and Flash memory a snap. Our cross reference by semiconductor manufacturer can assist you in finding the adapter you need.
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MICTOR breakout boards are created for users needing a high-speed, reliable, low cost solution for testing surface mount and BGA packages which can be difficult to probe directly. In addition, these adapters can bridge the gap between older PCB designs using stake headers and newer PCB designs using MICTOR connectors.
SAMTEC - ET's newest probing adapter support the Agilent differential and single ended probes with 100-pin Samtec 0.50mm pitch connectors. The new adapter permits designers easy access, debug and probing ability for fine-pitch individual and hard to reach signals in high-speed electronic designs.
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Bridging the gap, board to board interconnects include molded plugs for connections between PCB and daughterboard, SMT bases, bases with cable for posts and ET's high-speed, pogo pin based interconnect system for applications up to 14.6GHz.

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ET's clips and probes range from QFP (JDEC & EIAJ) to the new TSOPII. For ultra high density, ET has Microgrippers (miniature grabbers) for testing dual-in-line IC. Our high performance Microgrippers are capable of providing noise free, high-speed signal measurement up to 10GHz.
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ET introduced the first “Bug Katcher” in 1983. Since then we have built a line of tools to assist you in debugging all of the most popular package styles including BGA, CSP, PQFP, DIP and QFN/MLF.
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These development tools provide users with an interface between their device and an in-circuit emulator. ET offers grabbers, handling tools, test probes and more as accessories to your in-circuit emulator.
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Can your electronic development lab be improved? Expand your available: BGA Reballing and Rework solutions, heatsinks, insertion tools, soldering iron systems and multimeters.
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No two designs are the same. With this in mind, ET provides all-purpose adapters for programming, logic analysis, and emulation. These adapters have no non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges and eliminate weeks of waiting.
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High performance development systems enable system and design engineers to rapidly design prototypes and transition electrical designs into an electronic designs. Users work with CPLDs and FPGAs to gain new skills and advance designs.
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Adapters.com focuses on providing interconnect solutions for the embedded systems and test and measurement industry. They offer:
  • High density QFP test clips
  • Polypod-versitile QFP solder-down adapter
  • Solutions for BGA, Thin QFP (TQFP), MicroBGA, and more
  • Custom flex-cables for high-speed testing
  • Prototyping boards
  • Chip-Changers(tm) for converting IC Packages
  • Full-custom adapters or off-the-shelf solutions
  • New solutions for standard ICs

Adapters.com makes adapters for all types of applications. With thousands of parts available off-the-shelf and custom solutions available in as little as two weeks after receipt of order.

  • Emulation Adapters
    Adapters.com provides a full line of adapter to be used with in-circuit emulators. The adapters can either plug into a socket, clip over the IC, or solder down in the IC footprint. New technology for PQFP packages allow for better lower cost solder down adapters.
    Click here for available pin counts
  • Programming Adapters
    Programmers normally have DIP sockets. IC normally come in packages other than DIP. Adapters.com solves this by offering a full line of programming adapters thousands of ICs.
    Adapters.com Adapter Search will  make your search easier.
  • Logic analyzer Adapters
    Logic analyzer adapters connect to your target board and allow you to attach logic analyzers or other test equipment. The Logic Anaylser adapters can clip over the device, plug into a socket and allow the IC to be placed in a socket on the top of the adapter, or solder down to a board and allow the IC to be soldered into the top of the adapter.
  • Accessories
    Micro grabbers for testing individual pins on PQFP and TSOP packages, vacuum pens and other accessories.
    More information here.
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Lock-Wedge Test Clip Adapters

(Formerly known as the "Delta Probe")
The Lock-Wedge Test Clip is made up of an array of wedge shaped conductors, which make contact by the penetrating between the IC legs.

The Lock-Wedge Test Clip series uses an unique technology to solve the complex problem of monitoring all of the signals at once on quad flat pack (QFP), thin small outline (TSOP), small outline (SOIC), and other fine-pitch IC packages. The line covers several pin counts from 32 pin to 240 pin. Over 25 different Lock-Wedge Test Clip configurations will be available soon.

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