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connectBlue WLAN Product Range connectBlue wireless replacement solutions for Bluetooth, WiFi and ZigBee


The connectBlue Wireless LAN products are using a radio technology working in the free and world wide available 2.4 GHz ISM band. The product offering includes modules supporting both 802.11b and 802.11g standards. The connectBlue offer includes both OEM modules with all software embedded and modules that uses a host processor for the TCP/IP stack for high demanding applications. The Wireless LAN technology makes it possible to achieve a high bandwidth which makes it very suitable for demanding applications like file transfer, streaming audio/video and internet access.

The majority of connectBlue Wireless LAN modules are available from Nohau UK Web Shop


WLAN OEM Modules

The OEM Wireless LAN module series is a complete set of 802.11b/g modules specially designed to make integration of Wireless LAN an easy and effective task. The modules are fully radio type approved making them cost effective and fast to integrate into your product. They are available with integrated antenna or external antenna connectors for metal enclosure applications. The modules have the same form factor and interface layout as the Bluetooth modules from connectBlue, which enables customers to prepare their device for both Bluetooth and/or WLAN. Please select the module family that suits you best from below:

This document explains the main differences between the modules Acrobat (39kB) >>>

Click for larger imageOWLAN211g

Main features:
802.11b/g (54Mbps), SPI interface to host processor, driver kit available for Linux and Windows CE (adaptable for any micro controller), internal or external antennas. More >>>


Click for larger imageOWSPA311g

Main features:
802.11b/g (54Mbps), all software embedded (no driver needed), serial UART Logic Level interface, easy configuration by AT commands, compatible with connectBlue Bluetooth modules. More >>>