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connectBlue Bluetooth Product Range connectBlue wireless replacement solutions for Bluetooth, WiFi and ZigBee


OEM Modules

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The connectBlue OEM serial port adapter provides a simple way to add Bluetooth connectivity to existing legacy hardware using just RS232/UART interface.

The OEM Serial Port Adapter™ series is a complete set of Bluetooth modules specially designed to make integration of Bluetooth an easy and effective task.

All connectBlue modules are fully qualified as end products making them cost effective and fast to integrate into your product without the need for further testing*. The modules are available in class 2 /short-range as well as Class1/long-range with integrated antenna or external antenna connector for metal enclosure applications.

The majority of connectBlue Bluetooth modules are available from Nohau UK Web Shop

Serial Interface

The modules with serial interface (SPI, UART and/or RS232 at present) provide a wireless transparent serial link using the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. By using one Bluetooth module and a Bluetooth Dongle, a PC can be wirelessly connected to any product that was previously tethered by a serial cable. Alternatively, by using Two connectBlue modules, two products can communicate via high-speed serial as if connected by cable, but with the freedom of wireless communication. These are just two examples of the many applications that our customers deploy.

HCI Interface

The modules with HCI interface are suitable for use in embedded applications that have their own Bluetooth Stack that interfaces to the HCI layer. Drivers are available for Windows CE, Linux and Embedded applications. By using the conectBlue module in this way, all of the hardware characteristics of the connectBlue products remain the same, but the full power of Bluetooth can be attained from the Bluetooth Protocol stack running on your own system.

Products in Housings

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connectBlue has a selection of packaged products in both rugged metallic housings and cost optimised plastic housings. The devices provides a wireless transparent serial link using the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. The rugged metallic products are suitable in tough environments like outdoors, public places, moving vehicles etc. The plastic housing products are most suitable for industrial and indoor use.


connectBlue has developed a unique Serial Port Profile (SPP) Repeater software that enables customers to extend the range, virtually unlimited, in an extremely cost effective and easy way. An infinite chain of repeaters can be interconnected extending the range. The setup is very easy and the repeater can automatically setup connections without any interaction. The repeater software is available for the following connectBlue products:

  • OEMSPA310
  • OEMSPA311/331
  • OEMSPA312/332
  • SPA312i

I/O module

connectBlue has developed a reference design that makes a connectBlue Bluetooth OEM module into a wireless I/O device. The reference design can easily be modified to suit different customer demands. For more information please contact Nohau UK. It is easy to evaluate the design by downloading the reference software available for the following modules:

  • OEMSPA310
  • OEMSPA311/331
  • OEMSPA312/332


* please seek advice on whether your product does need testing from the relevant authorities