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Choral GPS and GSM/GPRS Terminals Choral Wireless GPS GSM/GPRS Terminals

Choral Company

Based in Northern Italy, Choral's focus is the development and manufacturing of electronic products based on the most advanced technologies. The innovation in the design combined with a high quality production process are the key factors of their success.





Choral products are based on the latest technologies that represent the company's know-how. These can be summarized as follows:

  • ARM microprocessors platform with real-time kernels and embedded Linux
  • Ethernet-based controls for industrial and consumers applications
  • Bluetooh and Zig-Bee short range wireless communications
  • GPS localaization technology
  • GSM/GPRS with TCP/IP protocols for remote controls
  • MP3 audio applications with DSP architecture
Product families

Choral has developed projects in different fields:

  • GPS and GSM terminals for fleet
    management and other object localization related applications
  • GSM terminals for M2M applications
  • Embedded Ethernet clients for domotic applications