KEIL RL-ARM Real-Time Library
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KEIL RL-ARM - RealView Real-Time Library

Embedded C/C++ Compilers for ARM, C166 and 8051 Processors
Keil RealView Real-Time Library Brochure
The RealView Real-Time Library is a collection of tightly-coupled libraries that are designed to solve the real-time and communication challenges of embedded systems based on ARM powered MCU devices.

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The Real-Time Library includes:

RL-ARM Real-Time Library

The RealView Real-Time Library is designed to solve several common challenges for embedded developers including:

  • Multitasking (which allows you to manage several jobs or tasks on a single CPU).
  • Real-Time Control (which allows you to configure tasks so that operations execute within a defined period of time).
  • Inter-Task Communication (which allows tasks in your system to communicate with each other).
  • Internet Connection via Ethernet or Serial (Modem).
  • Embedded Web Server including CGI scripting.
  • E-mail Notification via SMTP.

In addition, the RealView Real-Time Library includes several drivers that interface the RTX Real-Time Kernel to various communication interfaces:

  • CAN Interface
    CAN Interface Hardware Layer Drivers are available for STMicroelectronics STR71x, STR73x, STR75x, and STR91x devices.
  • USB Device Interface
    A USB Device Interface for standard Windows device classes is available for Philips LPC2000 devices.

While it is possible to implement an embedded program without using a real-time kernel, a proven kernel like RL-ARM saves time and makes software development easier.

Notes Note

  • The RealView MDK-ARM includes the RTX Real-Time Kernel but not the RTX Real-Time Kernel Source Code, Flash File System, TCP/IP Protocol Suite, or USB/CAN Drivers.