USB File Systems
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USB Connected File Systems

Nohau UK supplies both Host and Device based File System solutions

Host Based USB File System

When an embedded system acts as a USB Host, then USB Storage devices may be added to the host and mounted as a volume within the embedded system's File System. If the USB based storage needs to be capable of being connected to and read by a PC, then the file system format on the USB device must match the file system that the PC is capable of reading.

In most cases, FAT-32 is one of the most widely accessible formats used on USB storage devices.

Device Based USB File System

An alternative way to use an Embedded System is to allow a PC to connect directly to the Embedded System via USB cable and for the PC to be able to access the file system within the Embedded System. A FAT-32 formatted file system within the Embedded Device combined with a USB Mass Storage Device stack would allow a PC to read and write to the File System. Once disconnected from the PC, the Embedded system would also be able to read and write to the internal storage using the FAT file format.