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Embedded LinuxMany different types of Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux of course comes in many shapes and sizes.

The wonderful thing about Embedded Linux is the massive army of developers that apparently continue to enhance and maintain the kernel and its Operating System space. This constant enhancement and improvement also appears to be at zero cost.

However, just like any other decision about software in Embedded Systems, there are many trade-offs. Firstly, Embedded Linux can be seen as a 'jack of all trades'. This may be exactly what you are looking for, but it may also be much more than you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for something simple and out of the box, but still retaining some of the strengths of processor independence and application space that Linux enjoys.

Nohau UK is ideally situated to be able to offer everything from extreme Real-Time Operating System, through virtualisation technologies, to industrial grade Linux and all the way through to Embedded 'desktop' style Linux.

Our Hard Real-Time Operating Systems include the feature-rich but very small footprint RTXC from Quadros Systems.

We also supply the PikeOS microkernel which offers both a simple Real-Time Kernel, but also offers processor virtualisation, allowing multiple systems and API's to execute in parallel on a single CPU. This technology can be used to seperate out components within a Safety Crtitical application, but can also be just as easily be used to bring incompatible technologies together on a single CPU (running in two virtual spaces)

Sysgo's Industrial Grade Linux creates the unison of desktop Linux with Real-Time response to interrupts. The best of both worlds. An extensive list of Board support Packages ensures that you will be able to find hardware that suits your project with Industrial Grade Linux already up and running on it.

Beyond Sysgo's Industrial Grade Linux, Nohau UK also supplies several 'out-of-the-box' Embedded Linux distributions. Development boards from Embedded Artists and Phytec are available with Embedded Linux already ported and running ready for your project.