Zigbee Protocol
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Protocol and Products

ZigBee is a standard for embedded application software and has been ratified in late 2004 under IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Networking Standards.

ZigBee is an established set of specifications for wireless personal area networking (WPAN), i.e., lighting control among related devices. This kind of network eliminates use of physical data buses like USB and Ethernet cables. The devices could include telephones, hand-held digital assistants, sensors and controls located within a few meters of each other.

ZigBee is one of the global standards of communication protocol formulated by the relevant task force under the IEEE 802.15 working group

Add ZigBee to your product

Nohau UK supplies the range of 802.15.4 modules from connectBlue that can be used to implement ZigBee™

Analysis and Capture

In addition to the ZigBee modules from connectBlue, Nohau UK also supplies the market leading MeshDecoder from Frontline Test Equipment.

Other ZigBee resources

Alternatively, a free ZigBee protocol stack is available for Microchip devices and can be found here on the microchip site. For Microchip PIC developments, Nohau UK supplies the Hi-Tech range of PICC compilers