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Hardware solutions

Hardware at Nohau UK

To assist our customers with finding the products and information they are looking for, we have divided our product portfolio into three major sections: Hardware, Tools and Software.

Within this Hardware section, you will find various Hardware components that you can use to assist you with the development or production of your product.

Many of our hardware products can be ordered directly from our online store at Nohau UK Web Shop

Development Hardware

Within the category of Development Hardware, we have various Single Board Computers and Development Boards that will allow you to get up to speed very quickly. We have Development Boards from a variety of suppliers and supporting many different Microprocessors and Micro-controllers. If you have already selected your processor then you may choose instead to use the processor menu above to take you directly to products that support that processor or processor family.

Hardware Modules

Beyond Development Hardware we also provide hardware modules that allow you to add Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi or CANbus to your existing or new hardware platform. For CANbus we have both PC Interfaces and topology products.

If you have already chosen a protocol that you wish to add to your product, then once again you can select that protocol from the protocols menu above and that will take you to the range of solutions available that support your chosen protocol