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Single Board Computers and Development Boards

Nohau UK currently offers a variety of Development Boards from a number of vendors.

Most of the boards that we offer are available from Nohau UK Web Shop

These boards are available supporting a wide range of processors and peripherals. Most of them come with the necessary setup files, basic board support packages and configuration files that enable you to get up and running with your chosen processor within minutes.

Boards from KEIL and some from Embedded Artists are generally aimed at the software engineer that is taking their first steps with a new processor and/or peripheral. KEIL boards are generally not aimed at the post development market, but rather as a way to get the software engineer developing code as quickly as possible before other their own project hardware is available.

Though the Phytec and Embedded Artists boards can be purchased as single units, for the same purpose as the KEIL boards, many of the Phytec and EA boards can be used as the basis for production hardware and are available in much larger production quantities. Phytec therefore offers the advantage that a project that starts on a Phytec development board, could go into production on the same hardware. this is especially good for small software houses that can not afford to have their own hardware designed and manufactured.